Black Maternal Health Week

Did you know this week is Black Maternal Health Week [#BMHW | #HRSAhelpsMoms]? Jordan Health is partnering with HRSA from April 11th to 17th, 2024 to raise awareness on the critical issues surrounding Black maternal health.   This effort is to help improve health outcomes for Black mothers and their babies. Currently, 4 out of 5 pregnancy-related deaths are considered […]

New WIC Food Package

    Exciting news! 🎉 The #WICFoodPackage is getting an amazing upgrade, which means more options, flexibility in your food selections, culturally appropriate foods, and more access to fruits and vegetable. Learn how you can enroll Other enhancements include, but are not limited to:   Culturally Appropriate Options Increased: The updated WIC food packages […]

National Youth HIV & AIDS Awareness Day (NYHAAD)

Today is National Youth HIV & AIDS Awareness Day (NYHAAD), a day dedicated to educating and urging policymakers about the impact of HIV and AIDS on young people. This day is important as young people are being affected by HIV and AIDS at rapid rates.   Here are some facts on the issue that you […]

Solar Eclipse

Hello Jordan Family, Here’s another important fact, as we know many people are going to want to take photos and capture memories. If you’re planning to use your cell phone camera to take pictures of the total solar eclipse happening on April 8, 2024, you need to be aware of the potential damage that the […]

Oral Health: A Crucial Aspect of Prenatal Care

Oral Health: A Crucial Aspect of Prenatal Care Oral health is an aspect of health that is often overlooked, yet it plays a significant role in our overall well-being. This is particularly true for pregnant women and children, whose oral health could greatly impact their general health. Pregnancy, while a beautiful phase, may make women […]

Jordan in the News

Jordan’s WIC Program Manager shares how additional funding could impact local women and children.

New At Jordan

Jordan Health is now offering a new Transitions Clinic, a unique wellness initiative that specializes in serving men and women who are 18 years and older and are involved in the criminal legal system. This includes those who have been recently released from jail or prison and are looking to regain their footing in society. […]

Metcare Pharmacy is OPEN Inside Our Woodward Location

Convenient Location to Accommodate Your Health and Wellness Needs Welcome to Metcare Pharmacy at Jordan Health, a leading provider of pharmaceutical services located conveniently inside Jordan’s Woodward location at 480 Genesee Street. Jordan aims to provide a one-stop solution for all your health and wellness needs. Our pharmacy service offers a wide range of products, […]

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